3 Best Lessons From 2018

In reflecting on the passing year, I am reminded of the paradox of life: to have a lot of good, we must experience some bad moments, too.

2018 was a challenging year.  

Don’t misunderstand me. There were moments of pure joy and bliss, unexplainable sense of freedom, intense passion and delight, professional success, and a lot (lot!) of personal growth and transformation. 

But then again, this past year also brought heartache, loss of friends, health issues, clients who didn’t pay, and other situations that challenged me to my core. 

There is no way around this paradox except by looking at all these experiences, challenging and delightful alike, as tremendous opportunities for growth. 

Indeed, it's this growth I wanted to talk to you about today.

2018 taught and reaffirmed three invaluable lessons. 

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Adi Redzic
7 Wonders of the World

Sometime between the fifth and third centuries before the birth of Christ, working from each other’s writings, historians Herodotus and Callimachus of Cyrene conjured a list of seven wonders of the world. Although only one world wonder has survived, the Great Pyramid at Giza, the references to this list have endured to this day.

One day, a teacher at an elementary school asked her students to list all seven wonders.

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Adi Redzic
Control robs us from living

I’ve been thinking a lot about control lately.

Why is it that we keep craving control over the things we are unable to control, like how life happens?

We even tell ourselves anything we have to, just to pretend we’re still in control.

This narrative keeps us “safe”.

While we base our personal happiness on things entirely outside our control.

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Adi Redzic
Stepping into the arena

It was September 2014. I had just moved into my new place when a package arrived. My heart began racing. That’s it: it’s here!

The moment I held a copy of my first book, Own It, was … incredibly moving.

It had a tear-jerking effect.

Who am I kidding??

I was stunned.

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Adi Redzic
You're an expression of greatness

I’ve been silent for a few weeks because I’ve been grieving. A very dear friend of mine died by suicide at the end of August, only a week after his 60th birthday.

As you can imagine, it came as a shock.

None of us knows when the end will come or how.

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Adi Redzic
Soul Lessons from Aretha Franklin

 Ms. Franklin showed us what greatnesss is possible when we live authentically, confidently, and with self-respect, embracing our God-given talents and giving, and living, freely.

What is possible when we own it.  

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Adi Redzic
Are you an entrepreneur? This one step will make all the difference.

There’s a quote I saw once, “It’s not about having more money, but living life on your own terms.”

For you and I, and any aspiring entrepreneur, this is precisely why we let go of a false stability of the corporate world only to find ourselves navigating the turbulent and uncertain waters of entrepreneurship. This is why we spend our days at co-working spaces and feed our caffeine addictions.

We want the freedom to call the shots. 

But this freedom isn’t all, it also isn’t enough.

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Adi Redzic
Trevor & Misha: A story of love, fate, and resilience 

Paris and Helena. Achilles and Patroclus. Tristan and Isolde. Alexander and Hephaestion. Anthony and Cleopatra. Hadrian and Antinous. Romeo and Juliet. Gertrude and Alice. Diego and Frida. 

We’re all familiar with the lore of romantic love: the mythical union of two beings whose love and commitment to each other are both unconditional and endless.

Most of us have sought to create such a narrative in our lives, too.

Yet, very few “real life” stories have all the qualities of an epic love story. That is to say, the unexpected nature of it is overwhelming, the love relation in question seems absolutely impossible due to social mores, fate interferes by separating the protagonists ... still, they find a way back together against all odds, only to fight new dragons. Together. 

Enter Trevor and Misha. 

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Adi Redzic
Is What You Know to Be True Really True?

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a beautiful discourse known as the Heart Sutra that delves into the essence of letting go of preconceived notions about how our life should be in order to embrace the wondrous nature of what our life actually is.

Its ultimate objective is to help us relinquish the deep, often unconscious suffering that dwells within us.

While there are many facets of this text, the following question particularly resonated with me: Are the beliefs I hold about myself and the world around me really true?

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Adi Redzic