Passionate, engaging, and with boundless amounts of energy, Adi Redzic has a "gift of gab" and his talks will leave you and your audience moved, inspired, and ready to act.

Since his earliest work with UNICEF and OSCE, Adi has given motivational talks on a wide-range of topics, served as an MC, or a part of a panel for groups as small as 5 people and as large as 750.

Regardless of the topic you are drawn to, if you want someone to connect with your audience, customize the talk for your purpose, provide concrete solutions, and electrify the room with charisma, humor, and passion, hire Adi! 




How does someone who survived bomb explosions as a child in a war-torn country arrive alone to the United States with $375 in his pockets and then end up in meetings at the White House?

All the while overcoming self-hatred, emotional rollercoasters, depression, suicidal thoughts, struggles with identity and belonging, no money or connections, and countless rejections ... only to go on and complete two degrees, write two books, build multiple organizations, and counsel hundreds of people on living their best life. How did he do it?

Adi’s is a quintessential immigrant story and in this engaging, heart-wrenching, powerful talk, you will learn more about it along with his five ingredients to owning it: radical honesty, raw vulnerability, unshakable grit, bold vision, and unequivocal responsibility, what they each mean and how you and your audience can implement it in your own life. Ready get motivated and inspired?

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Build it: From an idea to fantastic   

By 2040, roughly 75% of Americans will be working as independent contractors. Many of us have ideas and want to be our own boss, but even when the stars align and we’re able to launch an idea, what does it take to create it, build it, and scale it? How does one sale translate into a million dollar venture? How do we use our desire for freedom to tap into our inner CEO and build something from an idea into fantastic?

In this interactive, high-energy seminar, Adi will teach you exactly that. Did you know that Oprah scaled her business after jotting down ideas on a napkin? After this seminar, you’ll know how to do that, too. You’ll also feel the fire underneath you and will be ready to launch.

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Do you wake up in the morning loving your life? Are you excited about life, at home and at work? Do you get enthusiastic about the experiences you’re having on a daily basis? If not, why not? Would you like to change that?

In this provocative, insightful, inspiring, and innovative talk, you will set on a quest to love your life. Through personal stories, anecdotes, and creative technologies, Adi will help you achieve a breakthrough. Are you ready to love your life?


ENTRE-PLOYMENT: A culture of innovation

What happens when a group of self-driven, innovative, and hard-working entrepreneurs come together for the purpose of changing the world? Well, they change the world. Take a look at Google, Apple, Virgin, PayPal, and others. Not all of their employees set out to be entrepreneurs, but the culture fostered at these companies made it so. Is the same possible for your own company? Can you help your employees go from mediocre to rockstars? What will it take? What makes someone thrive at your company?

In this comprehensive workshop, you will learn how to tap the entrepreneurial gene of your employees in order to organically inspire innovation, skyrocket productivity, hire great talent, and take your company to the next level. You’ll also learn how to harness the “quadruple bottom line” in order to build the business of the future.

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Mission Achieved: Get your org fired up!

Is your mission an excuse or a motivation? Are you reaching your organization’s true potential or settling for less? Are you paying lip service to the founding vision or are you truly leading with purpose? Does your organization need a transformative boost?

In this engaging, high-energy presentation, you will gain insights on why your organization truly exists, how you can leverage your mission and vision to boost and fuel all aspects of your organization, from strategy and execution to hiring, fund development, marketing, and program design. Filled with a lot of examples and concrete tools, this interactive presentation will help you tap into the heart of your existence in order to truly change the world.   

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Grit: ONE thing that assures all others            

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln failed at pretty much everything before getting elected President of the United States? What do all successful people have in common? Grit. Whether you’re trying to get into college, find a career you love, build a business, manage an illness, or achieve any other goal, you will need grit. But what is grit? Is it sheer will-power or is it something else?

In this down to earth, crucial, real conversation, you will discover what grit really is and how to tap it within you, both intellectually and emotionally, in order to accomplish anything. Grokking our inner grit is often the difference between success and failure.


write your own story

What if your life were a novel, what would the plot look like? What about the story for your business? What does it take to envision, create, put together, and write a bestseller of your life?

In this fun, engaging, and insightful workshop, you will learn how to write your own story and bring it to life through passionate and inspired action.


NAKED LEADERSHIP: why it matters & how to get there

What does it take to grow from a decent leader into a great one? Do people follow you because they want to or because they have to? Would they follow you anywhere? Are your relationships transactional or empowering? Are you a truly authentic leader, demonstrating humility and compassion while leading with fierce determination and clear vision? Do you want to be?

In this “getting naked” talk, you will discover why being vulnerable works and how “nakedness” can deliver freedom, flow, and a fantastic life all-around. You will understand why transformative leadership is hard, why most “leaders” don’t do it, and how you can be one of the few who achieves it.  

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Change or Die                  

Why is change hard? Why do we resist it so much, yet we all say we want it? How to change? How to instill change? 

Change is the only constant and in this high-energy presentation, you will learn how to leverage it. In our ever-changing world, the best way not to get trampled by change is to get ahead of it. This workshop will show you how to do exactly that, and embrace change willingly, create and foster a culture of change in your environment, manage change, and empower your staff and colleagues to do the same. You’ll understand the anatomy of change, how to manage yourself and others through it, how to advocate and sell change, how to not resist change even if you’re, truly, having a meltdown, and much more.

This innovative, out-of-the-box workshop stands at the crossroads of appreciative inquiry, 8-step process, Jim Collins, PDCA, and the Buddha. (Yes, that Buddha!)



Talking about money is uncomfortable, but not talking about it--openly and honestly--is exactly why most of us struggle with it. In this empowering talk, you will learn the emotional dynamics that fuel your money decisions, how to manage them properly, and take charge of your financial wellbeing.

Drawing on a decade of financial literacy work, Adi will help you dispel the myths about money, learn new money management tricks, get insights on the trends, and fundamentally change the way you look at money.