Adi Redzic


The best among us, the Michael Jordans of the world, all had a coach. They still do. Why? Because a coach can see what we can't, challenge us, hold us accountable, inspire us, and help us go from "just OK" to kick ass awesome.

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Is your business or nonprofit organization thriving? If not, it should be. Bridge generational gaps, empower your employees, increase your revenues. Get the insights and tools you need to thrive and take your venture to the next level. 



Are you following your bliss or are you stressed out? Are there areas in your life where you feel unmotivated and unfulfilled? Do you want to #ownit and live that extraordinary life you always dreamed of? Now is the time. Take the leap. 



With a healthy dose of charisma, emotional pull, insightful stories, actionable steps, and a lot of humor (along with that European accent!), Adi will leave you and your audience inspired, challenged, and moved to action. 



Adi Redzic is an entrepreneur, life & business coach, author of two books, and motivational speaker.

From a war-torn childhood to meetings at The White House, Adi has proven the possibility of change & the limitless power of determination. Driven by a desire to live life on his own terms, to #ownit, Adi has transformed his own life and is obsessed with helping other individuals and organizations reach their greatest potential.



For nearly a decade, Adi has been privileged to work with thousands of people and organizations. They've ranged from college students, entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home moms to politicians and executives; nonprofits and start-ups to high-profile universities, large corporations, and professional associations.

Each of them had one thing in common: an unwavering desire to improve. Are you one of them, too?  


In their words

Adi-time is like healthy ice-cream for your soul.
— Lindsay Austin
This man is an inspiration! I have figured out so much stuff in my life and for my family thanks to him!
— Elizabeth Murphy
Adi Redzic is a dynamic speaker and a master storyteller.
— Courtney Young
Adi is a life-changer. During my time with him, Adi provided great direction and support to myself and my colleagues. His passion and enthusiasm was intoxicating through the entire team and supporting cast. I would not be where I am today without his leadership.
— Joey Kobs