Six ways to reprogram yourself

Studies show that we are programmed within the first seven years of our life. 

Those earliest experiences and lessons, while they initially form 95% of our original beliefs, are not necessarily who we are or what we need to be happy and successful. They can’t be, because at seven years of age, we have little awareness of ourselves or understanding of the world. Indeed, we derive our understanding of the world through the lens of our caregivers, usually our parents. So, whether the world is a wonderful place full of opportunity or a scary bastion of challenges depends not upon reality or truth, but on our primary caregivers’ perceptions and their filtering of information back to us.

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Adi Redzic
Don't miss the forest for the trees

I was having dinner with a fellow leadership coach, about 20-years my senior, when she told me, "Ah, there are so many things I wish I knew when I was your age!" 

What are some of those things, I asked? 

"Don't miss the forest for the trees," she said.

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Adi Redzic
Which oxygen mask will you choose?

Last time I wrote about death. Doing so brought another question to mind: why is it that, even though we know we're all dying, and our awareness of mortality can in fact inspire courage, many of us still only seek safety? We are even willing to, and often do, settle for less in life only to be safe. 

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Adi Redzic
I am dying

I am dying, and so are you.

There are online calculators that can predict how long you have to live. This may sound morbid, but very few things can motivate us and give us the courage to live authentically like the knowledge that it will all end very soon. 

One of those calculators predicts that I have 16,005 days to live. 

That's ONLY 16,005 days!

But I am not afraid of dying ... I am afraid of not having lived. 

What will I do with this one wild, precious life of mine? 

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Adi Redzic
What will it take?

Everyone is talking about making changes in form of New Year’s resolutions even though most of us know, and data shows, that most of our “resolutions” [will] fail. The issue isn’t with setting them, but going the right way about achieving them.

Change can only happen with the right attitude, so here are 5 key ingredients you need if you really want to make things happen... 

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Adi Redzic
3 Best Lessons From 2018

In reflecting on the passing year, I am reminded of the paradox of life: to have a lot of good, we must experience some bad moments, too.

2018 was a challenging year.  

Don’t misunderstand me. There were moments of pure joy and bliss, unexplainable sense of freedom, intense passion and delight, professional success, and a lot (lot!) of personal growth and transformation. 

But then again, this past year also brought heartache, loss of friends, health issues, clients who didn’t pay, and other situations that challenged me to my core. 

There is no way around this paradox except by looking at all these experiences, challenging and delightful alike, as tremendous opportunities for growth. 

Indeed, it's this growth I wanted to talk to you about today.

2018 taught and reaffirmed three invaluable lessons. 

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Adi Redzic
7 Wonders of the World

Sometime between the fifth and third centuries before the birth of Christ, working from each other’s writings, historians Herodotus and Callimachus of Cyrene conjured a list of seven wonders of the world. Although only one world wonder has survived, the Great Pyramid at Giza, the references to this list have endured to this day.

One day, a teacher at an elementary school asked her students to list all seven wonders.

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Adi Redzic
Control robs us from living

I’ve been thinking a lot about control lately.

Why is it that we keep craving control over the things we are unable to control, like how life happens?

We even tell ourselves anything we have to, just to pretend we’re still in control.

This narrative keeps us “safe”.

While we base our personal happiness on things entirely outside our control.

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Adi Redzic
Stepping into the arena

It was September 2014. I had just moved into my new place when a package arrived. My heart began racing. That’s it: it’s here!

The moment I held a copy of my first book, Own It, was … incredibly moving.

It had a tear-jerking effect.

Who am I kidding??

I was stunned.

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Adi Redzic