Trevor & Misha: A story of love, fate, and resilience 

Paris and Helena. Achilles and Patroclus. Tristan and Isolde. Alexander and Hephaestion. Anthony and Cleopatra. Hadrian and Antinous. Romeo and Juliet. Gertrude and Alice. Diego and Frida. 

We’re all familiar with the lore of romantic love: the mythical union of two beings whose love and commitment to each other are both unconditional and endless.

Most of us have sought to create such a narrative in our lives, too.

Yet, very few “real life” stories have all the qualities of an epic love story. That is to say, the unexpected nature of it is overwhelming, the love relation in question seems absolutely impossible due to social mores, fate interferes by separating the protagonists ... still, they find a way back together against all odds, only to fight new dragons. Together. 

Enter Trevor and Misha. 

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Adi Redzic
Is What You Know to Be True Really True?

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a beautiful discourse known as the Heart Sutra that delves into the essence of letting go of preconceived notions about how our life should be in order to embrace the wondrous nature of what our life actually is.

Its ultimate objective is to help us relinquish the deep, often unconscious suffering that dwells within us.

While there are many facets of this text, the following question particularly resonated with me: Are the beliefs I hold about myself and the world around me really true?

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Adi Redzic
Six Ways to Let Go of Mediocracy and Pursue Greatness

 Are you mediocre?

No one wants to be mediocre.

No one wants to admit they’re mediocre.

Yet, so many of us are. So we work harder. Try harder.

People are mediocre because they forgot (or never figured out) why they’re here, and instead of following their bliss, they’re following safety.

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Adi Redzic
America’s Legacy And 7 Things That Make Her Exceptional

The night was dark and seemingly peaceful, until we heard … explosion! screams!

I was a five-year-old boy at home in Montenegro and I had no idea what was happening. My siblings and I ran seeking a hug and safety from our grandmas, without even realizing the extent of fear they were feeling, not knowing what to do themselves nor how to protect us.

It was one of the many nights that threatened our safety during the civil wars in the Former Yugoslavia. This memory is now over 25 years old, but it was the moment that sparked the first desire to seek a better life.

A life I have discovered in America.

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Adi Redzic