Stepping into the arena

It was September 2014. I had just moved into my new place when a package arrived. My heart began racing. That’s it: it’s here!

The moment I held a copy of my first book, Own It, was … incredibly moving.

It had a tear-jerking effect.

Who am I kidding??

I was stunned.

*I* did this? My face is on the cover of this book?

A childhood dream realized.

Whenever we truly pour our heart and soul into something, whether it is a business venture, a transformative cause, a book, or another expressive endeavor, we put ourselves out there.

We feel raw, vulnerable, and feel like standing on thin ice.

Is the ice gonna break? Are we gonna fall in?

What will others think of us?

Are we gonna succeed? What is success anyway?

I was a different person then.

But the book is still a great read. I am not sure how; I always feared that it might not age well. I guess it did. I am very proud of it. Perhaps even more so today than four years ago.

I’ve grown to appreciate its value, both the content and the writing. I’ve recognized the amount of courage, struggle, and work (and music and wine) that went into creating that little handbook on life.

In looking back, I realize that doing it is what success is all about.

Success in life is showing up. Stepping into the arena and daring greatly.

Even if we lose. Even if we fail.

Yes, even when we fail.

I have no way of really controlling whether someone buys a copy of my book or, even more so, whether they read it, review it, or tell others about it.

But I have every control over writing it. That, I can do.

It is same with other things in life: it is in our power to build a business, fight for a cause, love someone endlessly, move to a different place, pursue music lessons, build a house, paint a picture … Whether our desired version of success is reflected back at us or not, well, what does that have to do with us?

The success is to be found in not letting fears stop us.

Yes, we will get hurt. Yes, we will fail. Yes, we will struggle.

But what is worse? Spending life on the sidelines or going into the arena, and giving it a try?

(And doing it over, and over, and over again…)

If I am honest with you, and myself, I was terrified to put that book out there in 2014. 150 wonderful people in Pennsylvania paid to come listen to me and buy copies.

I was so nervous at the launch that I couldn’t tie my tie properly.

Nothing to say of the fact that the copies that arrived for sale had a mistake on the cover, and I couldn’t do anything about it, either

But guess what?

It happened. The dream was realized. The book still sells. And I went into the arena.

What’s the success?.

The product, people’s responses, or that I showed up and did it?

Hope you can think about this idea of “showing up” in your own life. And, if you’d like to own your own copy of Own It, check it out on Amazon or reply to this message, and we can get you a signed copy! :-)

Own it,

Adi Redzic