$20, Your Worth + 5 Ways To Figure It Out

I learned the following lesson from a professor some time ago, and I want to share it with you. 

It can be life-changing. 

Are you ready?


Do you have a $20 bill on you? 

If so, please take it out. 

Done that? 


I’d like you to crumple it now. 

Go ahead… 

Did you do it? 


Now, if you're able, stomp on it. 

Seriously. Throw the bill on the floor and stomp on it. 



Now, pick the bill up. Roll it out. 

Can you still use it to buy something with it?

Is $20 still $20 even after all the torture you just gave it?

It never lost its worth.

Many times in our lives, whether because of our circumstances or poor decisions, we will feel like life has crumpled us and stomped on us, chewed us up and spit us out. 

As a result, we may feel worthless. 

But, whatever happens, we must never lose our worth. 

Our worth is non-negotiable. Just like the $20 bill, our worth is inherent. 

And if you struggle with recognizing this fact, identifying your own value, or would like to strengthen it, here are several ideas: 

  1. Take some time to think about the characteristics you value in yourself. Are you kind? Thoughtful? Engaging? Smart? Caring? Skilled? Aren’t these worthwhile? 
  2. Talk to the people closest to you. Be open about feeling down, worthless, or ashamed, and allow them to show you how worthy you actually are and the value you bring to them. 
  3. Play the movie of your life a few times, and remember all the instances where you felt good and proud about yourself. Are you able to feel your worth? 
  4. Own it. Life happens and feeling worthless can happen to the best of us. But maintaining that belief isn’t helpful. It’s not natural to you (or me) to feel worthless because we really aren’t. Let the steps 1, 2, and 3 help you see that. 
  5. Ask yourself: is feeling worthless helpful to me? Is it true? Why would I want to believe that I am worthless? Do I get something out of it (e.g. remorse, an adrenalin kick, a continuation of a victim-mentality, etc.)? Would I get more pleasure if I changed my perspective?

Just like that $20 bill, no matter what happens to you, you’re still worthy. 

And if you still don’t believe you are, call me! 


Adi Redzic