Don't Give Up. Give Away.


As my Facebook feed populated with posts about giving things up for Lent—from chocolate to Facebook itself—I wondered:

What if we didn’t give things up, but instead gave things away


Lent is a Christian religious observance that prepares a believer for what comes next: the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ (i.e. Easter). It echoes the 40 Days that, according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, Jesus spent in the Judaean Desert, fasting and resisting temptation.  

Many people use this opportune time to engage in self-sacrifice. Some do it for religious, others for cultural reasons.

Either way: lots of people are giving something up.

But, if we follow in the footsteps of the Christian lore, did Jesus give something up or did he give a lot away, including, eventually, his own life for humanity’s benefit?

Whatever your religious beliefs or persuasions, I believe there’s a unique lesson to be drawn here—for Christians and non-Christinas alike. 

What if, instead of giving something up, in a statement of self-sacrifice, we gave away something in service to others?

I’ve decided to test this theory.

What is my pearl of great price?


It’s valuable. It’s irreplaceable. It’s finite—I only have so much of it.

Therefore, over the next six weeks, I’m going to give away FORTY 40-minute coaching sessions to people who’ve never worked with me.

You are welcome to sign up and please spread the word about it! 

To sign up, just send me an email. 

If you've already begun your Lenten fast, and have given something up, I hope your experience is a rewarding one. However, if you like the idea of giving something away—or want to add it to your current practice—here are 40 things you can give away that will benefit others during this season. 

  1. Be kind for no reason

  2. Send thank you notes to 40 people

  3. Be on time - value other people’s time

  4. Give away 40 items (books, clothing, accessories, furniture, etc.)

  5. Smile at people, including strangers

  6. Pick up after your dog

  7. Call those old friends or relatives

  8. Send thank you notes

  9. Don’t eat animals

  10. Plant a plant

  11. Join a local community board

  12. Teach a class

  13. Adopt a mentee

  14. Donate money to someone or something

  15. Hire interns

  16. Take your kid somewhere new

  17. Give a project to a hungry startup

  18. Make cookies for your neighbors

  19. Water your plants

  20. Send care packages

  21. Turn off your phone to focus on the people in front of you

  22. Volunteer for a charity

  23. Adopt a cat or a dog

  24. Pick up that litter even if it’s not your turn

  25. Help a friend study for an exam or work on a project

  26. Give your parking spot to someone

  27. Encourage someone in private and in public

  28. Host a dinner for international students from your local high school or college

  29. Listen intently (listen to hear, not to respond)

  30. Do someone else’s task or a chore

  31. Take your dog for an extra walk

  32. Buy a beverage or a meal for the person in the line behind you

  33. Sign up to be a host parent to a Foreign Exchange Student

  34. Sign up to babysit your friend’s kids for free

  35. Visit a nursing home

  36. Take your kids to a library

  37. Buy products that support a local business or someone you value, then donate them

  38. Take someone to lunch every week

  39. Give someone a compliment every day

  40. Do something big for someone who could never repay you


  41. Help Adi give away all 40 sessions to 40 people! :) 

As always, take good care of yourself. Unless you can take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of others?


P.S. Like this? Please pass it on! :) 

Adi Redzic