Are You A Hamster On A Wheel? 


Do you feel like you cannot get ahead? Do days seem to get away from you and you’re unable to achieve change you yearn for? Do you feel like things happen to you rather than you making things happen? Are your dreams becoming elusive? 


A lot can happen in a day, but not enough to bring us the change we yearn for. For that, we need more time. 

Think of the “overnight success people” for a second. 

Adele is a good example. 

Once she broke the charts and won Grammies, it seemed like she had appeared out of nowhere. 

Except, she had been making music for years without much recognition and a lot of fat-shaming comments on YouTube. She had been creating, practicing, perfecting, failing, and persisting. 

Then, she was a star—rolling in the deep (pun intended!) 

There’s a saying, “ten years of hard work and then you’re an overnight success”.

But what about you? 

You want things to change, and they do change. 

Change is the only constant. 

But why does it seem like nothing changes, or that it is not deliberate? 

Because you want things to happen overnight. 

You want to be a millionaire, find the love of your life, build a house, buy a Porsche, travel the world, and get that six-pack—all in one day. 

Except, they never will. Unless, of course, you’re counting on 10 years + One Day. 

The secret to deliberate change and results is to work every day on the things you will reap in the long run. 

Improve 1% every day and you will be an entirely different person in six months. 

This is called Kaizen. Japanese have figured it out a long time ago. 

The problem many of us face is that we want to run sprints instead of marathons. We are impatient. We don’t want to improve daily, but only when we feel like it. We aren’t willing to persist and persevere when life throws a curveball and laughs, “just kidding”! 

Or we don’t have anyone to hold us accountable. (Try a coach! :)) 

So, how do you get off the hamster wheel and get behind it? 

First, stop thinking doing the same thing will give you a different result. The pattern won't stop until you take action. 

Second, use my DIA (Discover. Imagine. Achieve.) Process:

  1. Take stock of where you are at and what you want. (Discover) 
  2. Figure out all the possible ways of getting there, then design an incremental, realistic, doable plan. (Imagine)
  3. Make it happen, one step at the time, 1% at the time. (Achieve) 

As always, using an accountability mechanism is really helpful. Periodic reviews are key, too, so that you can see the progress you have made. 

Finally, patience. You cannot say you’re patient and yet frustrated that things aren’t happening on your timeline. Patience means you accept that time is needed for something to materialize. Like when you are growing a plant: you give it water, light, and warmth, and even talk to it, but you know that it needs time to grow. So, you’re patient. Likewise, you need to do the same for yourself—and others—as well as the process that takes you from 1 to 100. Each of us is on our own timeline. 

Lesson: Don't be a hamster! :-) 

Here’s to your transformation and growth!

Adi Redzic