Increase revenue. Hire extraordinary talent. Implement and manage change. Create a culture of innovation. Out-innovate your competitors. Sell your heart out. Align your mission, vision, values, and strategy. What is your strategy, anyway? Create a map. Develop a winning mindset. Build relationships. Empower your team. Unleash exponential growth. 

What is a life or business coach? 

Coach on Call

Retain Adi as a coach for your leadership team or staff. Each of them would get a set amount of time with Adi every week or every month, giving them a chance to not only grow professionally, but also deepen their loyalty to you and your company.

Data shows that many employees decide to leave long before they let their supervisors know about it. By having a coach on staff, you will be able to observe warning signs and take appropriate action before you're hit with a $17,000 bill—an average cost of recruiting, training, and hiring new staff.

Training & Development

Bring Adi in for a series of interactive, dynamic workshops where your team will be challenged to think outside the box, question their assumptions, think about work and your business in a different way, and then be given the tools to facilitate transformation you need in order to thrive.

Workshops are carefully custom-designed with your specific team and your unique needs in mind. Some of the possible trainings ideas include:

- Mission Driven Enterprise: Answer Your Why

- DIA: Discover, Imagine, Achieve

- Empowered Leadership At All Levels

- Diversity: Ideas & People

- Think Change or Die

- Sell Your Heart Out

Think Change

Engage one of Adi's ventures, Think Change, to facilitate strategic alignment, start-up setup or business realignment, change management, business development, or strategic communications.

Think Change will help you get clear on your mission, realign your priorities, build a business and marketing plans, troubleshoot and create new systems, develop your communications--including websites, social media strategy, design--and take your entire operation to the next level.

Adi and his team are also willing to get hired on an interim basis in order to facilitate change from within the company. Ask us more about it!